The All Class Detailing Way

Proper care is essential to retain your boat’s good looks as well as its value.  Detailing renews and protects the exposed surfaces from sun, salt and moisture  and extends the life of your boat.  All Class Detailing’s expertly trained team gives every inch of your boat the utmost attention.  We use only the highest quality cleaners, waxes and polishes to ensure your craft is protected from the harsh conditions it must face while maintaining its showroom shine.

Other boat detailing services will recommend washing and waxing your boat every three months; All Class Detailing’s expert care together with our insistence on using only the finest quality marine products, guarantees that your boat’s glossy, protective finish will last for six months or longer.

Maintaining your boat is as much about protecting it from the elements as it is about polishing it to perfection.  At All Class Detailing, we make sure both needs are met.

Hand Washing

Because there is no end to the onslaught of tough conditions your boat must face, it is important to begin every detailing service with a thorough rinse to remove any loose dirt and grit clinging to the surface. We then perform a complete washing of the boat from the waterline up, using a marine-approved cleanser that does not strip wax.  We remove all traces of dirt, salt spray, bird droppings and black water streaks, and wash all non-skid surfaces.


Going Beyond the Expected

We pride ourselves on going beyond the expected to deliver the exceptional by taking extra care to clean and brighten vinyl seats, scrub the fenders, Bimini tops and boat covers and then apply a waterproof protectant with UV defense. We ensure all metal surfaces are polished in order to remove salt corrosion.  We will also wash canvas with soap and water and, if needed, wash the dingy and its cover. Your boat will be meticulously hand dried with microfiber towels as part of the process to make sure no soap residue remains which can damage the finish of your boat.


Waxing and Polishing

The gel coat finish on your boat is permeable and only about as thick as a few sheets of printer paper.  And with all it needs to stand up to – UV rays, salt, air pollution, acid rain, insects and bird droppings – consistent, quality attention and protection for your boat’s finish isn’t just an obvious need, it’s an obligation.

Waxing not only makes your boat look better, it puts a protective barrier between the gelcoat and the environment.  All Class Detailing will buff and wax your boat using a three step process, based on your craft’s needs.  First we use a compound to remove light to heavy oxidation, which will protect the gelcoat and make it easier to clean your boat throughout the season.  Next we polish the boat to remove swirls in the gelcoat.  Lastly, we use a Teflon sealant to fill in the gelcoat pores that will dry to a high-gloss, hard, non-stick protective finish.

Interior Detailing

Once we have the outside of your boat cleaned and polished to absolute brilliance, we give the same attention to the details inside.  The All Class Detailing team vacuums and dusts the interior, cleans the windows, galley, hatches and head, polishes and oils any wood surfaces, removes carpet stains, cleans bedrooms, wipes-down inside cupboards and drawers and details the engine room.


Hatches and Compartment Cleaning

We lift up hatches and storage compartments to clean the gutter tracks and edges, clean the engine room and perform a detailed cleaning of the enclosed cockpit or flybridge.



Isinglass and Plastic Cleaning

Isinglass requires regular polishing and sealing to maintain its clarity and to prevent yellowing, cracking and clouding.  We gently clean plastic windows with a special cleaner to brighten and protect them and then squeegee each one to crystal clear perfection.


 bigaft90kbTeak Cleaning and Restoration

Many of our customers also ask us to clean and brighten their teak deck during the detail to bring out its unique, warm beauty.  Our team is happy to provide this additional service during your detail.



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