The All Class Detailing Way

Beyond special occasions, having your vehicle regularly detailed is an important part of your car’s ongoing maintenance and care program.  Keeping the interior clean and protecting its finish will help preserve your investment and your vehicle’s longevity.  Our full detailing package is what many of our clients select  to restore the full beauty of their vehicle and benefit from the maximum protection a proper detailing offers.  All Class Detailing’s full vehicle detail is the best protection your car can have against the elements and it lasts as long as 4 – 6 months, depending on the age of your vehicle and the everyday wear-and-tear it faces.

Interior Detailing

Interior Vacuuming & Shampoo Treatment

Everything good starts on the inside and that’s where we begin.   We remove and clean all floor mats and give the interior a complete and thorough vacuuming.  We remove loose dirt and stains from all carpets, shampoo fabric floor mats and dress leather upholstery.  All interior surfaces including the dashboard, instrument panel, air vents and storage compartments are wiped clean and dressed as appropriate.

Leather Seat & Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered seats are brushed to remove embedded dirt, and then cleaned with one of the industry’s best automotive upholstery cleaners.  Leather seats receive special care and are treated with a rich emulsion that both cleans and conditions the material to help restore and protect it from UV damage.   Every inch of the interior – from seats, door panels, the dashboard, center console, glove box, trunk, cargo area and roof lining are detailed, bringing the inside of your vehicle back to its pristine, just-left-the-showroom appearance.

Window Cleaning

We leave the windows for last, and our team takes pride in making sure every piece of glass on your vehicle is crystal clear and streak-free.



Exterior Detailing

Hand Washing and Preparation

All Class Detailing adheres to a 3-step process that maximizes the benefits a full exterior detail provides and helps your vehicle maintain it’s good-as-new glow for many months to come.  We begin with a thorough hand wash of the entire vehicle including the wheels, arches, and door and trunk jambs.  This is followed by hand drying using microfiber towels and the use of compressed air to remove water from hard-to-reach areas.

 Clay Bar Treatment

After your vehicle is hand washed and dried, we perform a total paint purification using a clay bar treatment.  Your vehicle is under continuous assault from road debris, exhaust fumes and numerous airborne pollutants that can contain metal and mineral particulates.  These particulates are able to penetrate your car or truck’s clear coat and compromise the paint below.  Left untreated, they will begin to oxidize, allowing rust to spread beneath the clear coat.  The clay bar treatment uses an engineered resin compound to remove impurities that penetrate your vehicle’s paint finishes, glass and metal and that cannot be removed by car washing or polishing.  Claying is non-abrasive and does not remove any paint, just the contaminates that have adhered to your vehicle’s surface.  Claying is a necessary step to preparing your vehicle for waxing and polishing.


Compound and Polishing

All Class Detailing finishes the process with a two-stage machine compound and polish to remove paint defects, residual wax and swirl marks and bring back the showroom glow to your vehicle’s paint.

Waxing and Finish

We finish with a specialized, Teflon-infused liquid wax formulation over the body of the vehicle that adds long-lasting shine and protection.  All chrome and stainless steel is hand-polished to create an eye-popping, brilliant finish.


Tire Dressing

Tires are dressed with a unique, water-based solution that becomes water-resistant when dry.  Unlike other solutions that re-emulsify when exposed to rain or wet road conditions, the product we apply leaves a long lasting “wet-look” finish.  All wheels are given a final cleaning, and are polished with a product that promotes high shine and offers durable protection.


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